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Cessna 310 - AVweb
That’s not the only tricky thing about the Cessna 310’s fuel system . A fully equipped Cessna 310 with wing locker tanks can have up to 10 fuel drain points and eight fuel pumps. Connecting all this is a relatively complex (when compared to other piston twins) plumbing system.

Cessna 310 - Aviation Consumer
The 310’s full-fuel payload varies depending upon the model, equipment and fuel tank arrangement. Total usable fuel capacity can be 100, 132, 142, 183 or 203 gallons-from 600 to 1218 pounds of fuel. Full-fuel payload in a lightly equipped 310C with auxiliary tanks might exceed 700 pounds, while it could be as low as 400 pounds in a 310R.

Cessna 310 - AOPA
Through its 28-year production span, the 310 evolved from a five-seater with pressure-carbureted engines to a high- flying turbocharged six-placer with known-icing certification. Cessna's landmark twin also begat a larger turbocharged model, the 320, in 1963, and provided the basis for the pressurized 340.