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What Are The Different Types of Fuel Injection? | News ...
Sequential fuel injection, also called sequential port fuel injection (SPFI) or timed injection, is a type of multiport injection. Though basic MPFI employs multiple injectors, they all spray their...

Fuel injection system: definition, functions, types ...
The major parts of fuel injection system are divided into two which include low-pressure and high-pressure side, the low-pressure parts are the fuel tank, fuel filter and fuel supply pump. While the high-pressure side include high-pressure pump, fuel injector, accumulator, fuel injector nozzle.

4 Types of Fuel Injection System With Differences and ...
Sequential injection system is the type of fuel injection that is most widely applied to recent vehicles. Basically, the sequential fuel injection system is the same as MPFI, but this type already has individual injection. In other words, each injector does not work together but works individually according to the steps of each piston.